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Have you ever said that about your website? If not, chances are… your website sucks.

We’re not trying to be off-putting, but we are realistic. We won’t kiss your ass to get a sale. From a business perspective, if your website isn’t producing money-spending customers, leads, or referrals, it is ineffective, non-functional, and downright useless. The exception here is for those who create a sleek website that only serves to impress banks or investors – not drive continued revenue. But, that’s a whole other ballgame. Most clients of ours simply want one thing – a damn good website.

A good website has two pieces and it is our professional opinion that both are equally important. The first is intelligent and elegant web design, which is crucial to the second – Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. Sure, one can exist without the other – but, often, SEO and new website design go hand-in-hand. Website design needs to be intelligent, in that it should guide the user to the intended action of the website. It also needs to look good doing it. The second piece is good SEO practices and an ongoing SEO effort to maintain rankings once they have been achieved. To do this, our SEO team revolutionizes your existing page content, meta data, URL structure, and creates new content as needed. Time is also spent optimizing images, scripts, and ensuring a snappy, responsive browsing experience for all users, across all devices. After an initial SEO consultation, we will find out who your competition is, what they are ranking for, and how they are ranking. The SEO team then produces, and reviews, an SEO strategy with our clients before executing, The established campaign is then monitored, and reported on, monthly. We also work to maintain rankings by producing original, consistent content with a focus on your business goals.

Search engines are smart – we only use industry standard, tried and true, blood sweat and tears #WhiteHat techniques.

We do not rely on dated, shady marketing practices that some other agencies tend to use. These often end up being removed from searches all together! If you’re looking to grow your business or brand online with a website that WORKSContact #TeamJRC for a free SEO consultation – today!


A good website uses responsive design and looks great on all screen sizes, devices, and across all web browsers.

Go on – resize the window for this web page if you’re on a desktop. If you’re browsing from a mobile device, visit this website from a desktop or laptop. Now, try doing this with your site! If the page elements do not re-arrange automagically, or you are redirected to a completely different site, this is bad! Search engines treat these as entirely different sites and also punish websites which do not make efforts to make the web pages mobile-friendly.

With any number of devices being used to view your website (TV’s, Tablets, Phones, etc.), responsive design is necessary to ensure your customers have the best viewing experience possible – every time. Consistency is important for turning leads into customers, and with over 10 years of responsive design experience, #TeamJRC has you covered.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Reading, PA

Quality, research-based content that’s original brings traffic to your website – period.

Content without meaning or purpose might look nice, but, can your customers find you on Google? Try searching for your business – not by name, but by what you do and/or where you serve. Chances are, if you haven’t invested in the proper Search Engine Optimization techniques for your website, you don’t have much -if any- traffic (…aside from the typical spammers, but, that’s another thing you can avoid with our websites!). This might make you think your website sucks – and…well, maybe it does; but, with proper content, even an “ugly” website can produce customers. Have you ever wondered how you can stumble across a business that looks like their website was designed in 1995? … And they are still operating? Well – you found them, didn’t you? Contact #TeamJRC today for a FREE SEO consultation and see how our SEO team can help you re-think your website to be an effective tool for your business and marketing goals.

Web Design Portfolio

#TeamJRC Web Development and Website Design for LibertyGroupDC.com

Website Development & Web Design

Liberty Group D.C. came to us, frustrated, after paying for a website to be designed by another agency that promised them the world…however, delivered very little. Liberty Group D.C. asked #TeamJRC to completely redesign a brand new site for them, but with actual substance and meaning within the content (how it should be – always!). This would drive users to the website and ultimately guide them to contact Liberty Group D.C. directly, or fill out a document to be submitted at a later date. This was accomplished at a fraction of the cost the previous design endeavor had cost – and has been much better received by clientele and associates of Liberty Group D.C. The result is a functional and elegant website that produces organic search traffic, and ultimately, leads that convert into clients. Do you need web design or web development for your business in Washington, D.C.? Contact us to get started!

Website Development & Web Design/SEO

Charsky Group is a staffing agency in Austin, TX that specializes in nationwide recruiting and staffing solutions. They had deployed a GoDaddy site-builder solution, but it was lacking substance, meaning, and purpose behind the content. The owner of Charsky Group felt it was good enough to get the business to a certain point, but the time had come to give Charsky Group a face lift to allow the business to quickly rank -and often out-rank- in searches the competition had previously been leading. To stay on top, Charsky Group has asked #TeamJRC to create and execute a full SEO plan to continue ranking with fresh, new content produced regularly.

Charsky Group Web Design & Website Development, SEO & Marketing

Web Development & Website Design

Nashville Lighting hired #TeamJRC to upgrade their website, which was not mobile friendly and was not effectively funneling potential leads into money-spending customers. They now have a fully responsive website that has secured them more business within days of being launched than their old site had in years! We now manage online marketing for them, as well as keep the website content up to date.

Website Design & Web Development

Fresh Off The Block Mushroom Company needed a new website for their growing business and wanted to be able to take orders online. I was able to design a custom WordPress website for them, complete with eCommerce capabilities, that was tested and fully functioning within 5 days. Their site features customized WooCommerce plugins, allowing their customers to place orders online for pickup at the Farmers Market.

FOTB Mushroom Web Design & Website Development, SEO & Marketing

The #TeamJRC Mission

“As the owner and founder of JamesRobertCook.com, my primary goal – and intention – is to meet and surpass the expectations of my clients in any way possible. To accomplish this, my team collaborates, efficiently, to create and design works that are successful, timely, professional, and on target within defined objectives. We aiming to astound both the client, at the final presentation of a website design project, or the ecstatic customer, who has finally started receiving business from a website which hadn’t produced any revenue until #TeamJRC got a hold of it. We kick ass – and we know it, but we will only be cocky about it when we’ve made you say ‘Wow’. Contact us today to receive a free web design quote, SEO consultation, or just to ask #TeamJRC how we are doing and what we’re up to.

So, you’re looking to grow your business, blog, or brand with a fresh new web design or a killer, managed online advertisement campaign that delivers new leads and makes you money? Well, look no further – you’ve come to the right place! I have a team of experienced professionals working with me, and, together, we are here to best serve you and your goals!

With over a decade of experience in, but not limited to: Web Design, Website Development, Graphic Design, Creative Advertising, Search Engine OptimizationOnline Business Development and more, JamesRobertCook.com ensures that our clients consistently get the most out of their online investments, with an effective creative team that cannot be beaten. Let’s create something GREAT…today!

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