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Web Design & Development

Tailored solutions that are elegantly crafted & designed specifically for your needs, while also achieving the results you want for your business. We keep your business goals at the forefront and deliver customized web designs that emphasize your brand. With #TeamJRC, it’s all about you.

Web Design Solutions

Search Engine Optimization

Thoroughly analyzed research that is specific to your business goals. We form ongoing SEO strategies that produce organic searches from top search engines, while utilizing trends in searches & high value key words consistent to your business to compare against your direct competition.

SEO Solutions

Social Media Management

Just as important as TV & Radio were 10 years ago, we now have social media to encompass our daily lives. While free, do you have the time to maintain your social media relationships, answer messages, and respond to comments? Let us help for as little as $60/mo with our basic package!

SMM Solutions

Marketing & Online Advertising

As a business owner, you understand the total work and overall value it takes to market your brand or business. A good business owner knows their strengths, but also sees their weaknesses. Avoid the stress of this task, and let our dedicated marketing department help you out!

Marketing Solutions


Have you ever said that about your website? If not, your current website might not be working for you!

From a business perspective, if your website isn’t producing money-spending customers, leads, or referrals, it is ineffective, non-functional, and downright useless. Most clients of ours simply want one thing – a damn good website.

When you have a website that works for you, you know it. Consistently, our clients are saying “I’ve got a damn good website!” when #TeamJRC is done with them!

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Is Your Business Missing Out Online?

Almost half of your web traffic, or visitors, to your website take into consideration the overall appearance of the website when choosing to do business online. More than a third of these visitors will abandon your website if the page is slow to load. Here is a breakdown of the statistics:


The number of visitors who cited a website’s design as the #1 factor in deciding a business’ credibility.

Source: SME Website Statistics


The number of visitors who will stop engaging with a website if the content or layout is unattractive.

Source: SME Website Statistics


The number of visitors who expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less. Quality hosting matters!

Source: SME Website Statistics


The number of visitors who stop engaging with a website if the images do not load or take too long.

Source: SME Website Statistics

Can you afford lost customers to a poorly planned website?

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Our Latest Web Design, SEO & Marketing News

Whether you’re a business owner looking to better understand the inner workings of a website, or a web professional looking for helpful information to provide for your clients, our web design, SEO & marketing articles are written in-house by our project manager and content master, Stephanie. We discuss hot topics like costs related to web design, enhancing local brand awareness, and trending issues related to helping your business grow online.

5 Benefits Of Social Media Management For Your Business

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Benefits of Social Media Management For Your Business Social media platforms have steadily developed their involvement with various aspects of our daily routines, and 2017 has seen further growth with businesses taking advantage of the influence these networks provide. Social media continually proves to be one of the best methods a business can use to stand out in their field and reach out to a wider audience. An active presence with major networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others, is a necessary step in order for your business brand to expand as a leader in your particular industry. Active engagement on these social media platforms opens the door for potential customers, as well as [...]

How Do I Get My Business Found Locally?

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How Do I Get My Business Found Locally? So, you're looking to enhance business success online... Sometimes, this is easier said than done. All the work you put towards the path to a lucrative future may not be working for you at all. Some fall short in how much they are willing to put into their business while others go above and beyond, yet, don't have a clear focus that brings them the results they are seeking. One of these seemingly small focuses, that can make a huge impact on your business development, is making sure your business can be found by your local audience. Including "Near Me" As A Key Phrase From what [...]

I Need A Website – But, How Much Does A Website Cost?

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Do I Need A Website? It's 2017 and, at this point, if your business doesn't have a website, you're already more than a few steps behind in your marketing and branding potential... not to mention, you could be well behind what your competition has to offer. Whether you have a small business, a large corporation, or run a non-profit... you cater to a specific niche or your sights are much more broad... you're looking to build a debut website, redesign one that's already established, looking to improve customer relations and increase company revenue, or a combination of any of the aforementioned - you've come to the right place. We here at #TeamJRC are here to [...]

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“We are embarrassed to admit that our first website endeavor didn’t go as planned in that our idea was that the more we pay, the more we got! That didn’t work out so well for us, and after paying the design agency we were working with, and doing some research we were referred to Team JRC and did a little research after a friend recommended them to us. After some consultations, we signed a proposal and we literally received TRIPLE the website for half of the price than the one we previously paid for. The best part is we’re seeing a huge increase in traffic thanks to our SEO campaign. All we can say is WOW!”

Jim Robinson, President: Robsinson LLC

“James was great!”

“He immediately got to work helping me reign in the WordPress websites my company inherited, I was worried because WordPress is not something we typically work with, and didn’t have an in house person to help us work with them. James was the most patient, and thorough freelancer we’ve had the pleasure working with, he even made us instruction videos to teach us, and for our reference once he was finished with the contract! 10/10 service!”

Christine M., 5 Lakes Media

“Nice work!”

“The site looked great. Excellent communication – on time and on budget. Would hire again without hesitation. It is rare to get such good communication from a freelancer.”

Lou, Bullseye Saloon


“James got to work immediately and had the project done almost as soon as he started. The WordPress edits were hard for me, but it took him no time to finish it for me. This guy is solid, and his profile definitely doesn’t mislead his expertise. I was very happy working with James, and will continue to go to him for any of my WordPress needs.”

Tom O., Private Marketing Agency

Web Design Showcase

We will work with any sized company, anywhere in the world! We’ve helped Food Service Companies, Animal Rescues, Construction Companies, Restaurants, Doctors Offices, Financial Firms, Consulting Agencies & More!

It’s not “Rocket Science” – It’s “Web Science”!

We are a multi-disciplinary web development and web design agency utilizing the latest trends in both design and SEO to keep our clients listed at the top of search results and ensuring that they look good doing it. Do you want to schedule a free consultation to discuss your goals?

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